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Crime as a social phenomenon versus vindication

The claim of what belongs to one, the claim of authorship, the attempt to rescue the good fame or reputation of someone or something, is non-negotiable.
To what extent can a person tolerate being forced to give up his own life, being indifferent to the loss of all his possessions, family, freedom, rights and privacy, denying him free will through arbitrary acts that contradict the rules, laws ignoring ethical and moral principles with a staunch control that transfers harassment with a method of torture applying chemicals, drugs and for a long time I was subjected to nerve agents in order to emotionally destabilize me and damage my state of health becoming a victim of a species of cybernetic slavery with an algorithmic system via the internet of things scanning via wifi implant celebrate with which, beyond scientific research aimed at the study of the brain and the human body in clinical trials without my consent, it is used to carry out a bio game logical nano in which artificial intelligence, society participate, and I as a scapegoat among others who are oblivious to what is happening around them, there is participation by state intelligence agencies, emergency systems as well as political links, including churches of different denominations, clubs, non-profit organizations, universities, commerce, the industrial sector, transportation, students, schools and colleges, police and military forces, cinema, theater, digital radio and television platforms, there is a representation of all sectors of society, the game consists in that the actors of the general public act as agents or that they act by artificial intelligence according to their orders, harassing me by carrying out actions against me in a semiotic, verbal or symbolic way, this has become popular and with it has generated a large fortune through the transmissions of the platforms and the creation, marketing of products, goods and services and for a percentage of the business, the question is that the participation of the entities is divided into groups in the form of parties, franchises , security intelligence agencies, government, cities, and religious beliefs, there is a fierce competition among all to win the final battle and touch the vast fortune that crosses hundreds of billions of dollars,and all this seems fission science because just like monopoly each round the order of the game forces the participants to go through ¨GO¨ to start the round again, here as a principle every time a problem occurs that highlights the violations of the laws, freedom and the subjection to slavery of a person who is kept kidnapped by a group inside a bubble with several security rings, the game is forced to restart again in many cases with new actors, while some they remain because they are in the perimeter they have all been trained by teachers, with techniques and knowledge of coded language in the third person to speak and not assume responsibility for their actions, evading justice in a possible investigation while the platforms are in charge of giving it international dimensions with scope globally virally. While all this is happening, passing most of the tests, all I have to do is wait and enjoy the Stockholm Syndrome, shut up once more and forever so that the competition doesn't restart again and I can supposedly free myself. There is no way to rebuild a life after the violations committed by masses in complicity with governments, authorities and churches and sold as an act of charity, of Bonda, of a miracle of love of overcoming, let's not fool ourselves thinking that this is in the grace of God, this is one more act of perdition, just like when Moise after all the plagues that God sent to the king of Egypt to free the people of Israel, freed them, fed by the manna that he provided, even so they did not have faith And in the absence of Moses, they sinned by creating false Gods, creating a golden vecero provoking the wrath of God and its destruction, which later through the mediation of Moses, the people saved themselves thereby establishing the ten commandments. In short, those who sin of innocence, violate the laws like any criminal can achieve impunity before their peers but not before God, this disguised satanic game is wrong, just as they worshiped the golden calf which was destroyed here money is glorified and they act in his search more than God, where he remains, he will love God above all else. Until they do the right thing and release me in the name of Mr. Jesus Christ and of our God, they will have to start over and over again, that will be their curse.
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