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Putin draws an unusual smiley face on an electric whiteboard

Emotion, it happens that there are situations that go beyond the ordinary order and the international community knows the situation and becomes complicit because they are part of the communication channel, a person cannot be charged for reading or listening to information in the public media, newspapers and news magazines, and what they intends to do is justify that there was an infiltration by an agency to a person of something that could not be traced beyond the security council. We live in the information age; we are not part of a conspiracy and we do not violate the laws. If I were aware that I was violating the laws, I wouldn't do it. for simple reason for someone who wants to live in peace I am not an interested party and that the news, whatever it says, is of no importance to me, much less useful, I have simply been denouncing something that affects me and others. and I have said what concerns me.
What is happening is in everyone's eyes, the problem is that all people are so distracted that no one notices and those who think differently, the governments want to silence him.

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