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Stick if vogue, stick if not vogue. When your rights are violated in any way God’ll defend the cause

It is unfortunate that having to defend my own cause the result affects the new generation, on the one side they run over me, harassing, mistreatment me and by other side they expected from me to be the most prudent person when I talk or make a comment, they don't want me to transmit what they call a bad influence. Government and authorities want citizens of habits people whom do the same things every single day no differ opinions not demand the freedom and rights. That' why they cut the bullying program game that they are streaming and teaching our kids at schools. The same one cerebral implant connected internet AI, if this isn't a double moral standard then tell me what it is. If there are laws and regulations that punish bullying and harassment, all king abuse emotional damage torture, among others crime, it lends itself to eradicating those type of violations. It seems that it is of no use that the laws and the constitution give you rights, if secretly antivalues are being inculcated and economically stimulated to violate the norms, the first thing that should be done is to legislate to end the legal framework and burn the constitution so that crimes have no consequences .

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