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The wedding game, people declared without rights are been abuse for amusement of the rotten society

I never thought that destiny would make me so promiscuous beyond my reach, thousands of weddings have been celebrated in my name, as if I were a sexual symbol inspired by the emotional game IA applied to the internet recreating a cognitive management applying semiotics language to induce imagination to choose your Queen as you desires. The celebration is starting point of conglomerates of the more wealthy people of planet that involved all the activities of daily life sponsored large funds from government, business man to non profit organization this is the largest proyect that can be established in the world subject of its own rules in an established demarcation that can be geographically displaced to any place functioning as a mobile state. For a simple mortal there no way to imagine the existence of this bubble created by the powerful sectors as form of entertainment, job opening creation and donations, scientific studies programs and implementation of social trials. This goes hand in hand with harassment, social marginality and continuous mistreatment with the participation of civil and military authorities, including the justice systems, this game permeates all social strata of North America society desecrating the ethics and morality. A whole world covered in bonds and social aid but in reality it lends itself to all kings of law violations transcends human dignity, a hidden aberrant system.

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