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This how my conservatorship or thrust work

There are several groups of people whom represent a federal contractors to do the tirty job because in my particular case there are different semiotics games recreating cognitive reality with artificial intelligence and coded language, the bets among others and also entails work and exercising custody, everything with the consent and participation of the government, raises a problem is that it is carried out informally so as not to put in the book and evade Justice as if never happened, alluding to other events. There are several groups representing different agencies and sports clubs college etc, that rotate according to my mood and thoughts means change of guards it's implies change of methods bullying, torture, heat, pepper spray, this is the SS diet and all to make the magic happen in the social media platform streaming. You will never see a situation when they hurt me or cause me mental damage, the sense of guilt does not ally it because they do not want to lose credibility and it could damage their image. Instead, on the other hand, if they transmit embarrassing situations in which they humiliate me and expose the bad side of an edited event, be it a discussion or an act of violence, recreating a false argument from the violence to which I am subject by a group that keeps me kipnapped within of a security bubble. All this aggravating by the brains implant installed in my head without consents connected to the internet and the artificial intelligence. How do explain a problem that has gone up and down all throughout the appellation circuits and The Supreme Court of Justice treated anonymously within my conscience this the most disgusting thing that can be expected from a society be commercially exploited, abused with the complicity of all. Even God know it's too much, that's why he has empowered me to free my self and those who have gone through this situation without even knowing it. Double standard by double morality.

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